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Transworld Motocross Review of the Risk Racing RR1 Lift  
"The RR1 Lift is BULLETPROOF. Made of heavy Duty steel and aluminum diamond plate, the stand is powdercoated black and has proven it can stand up to lots and lots of abuse. When actuated, the stand does a good job of getting both wheels up and off the ground, even on the longer-wheelbase bikes...The stand does actually make getting your bike propped up an effortless affair. The RR1 Lift really does work!" - TransWorld Motocross Magazine
Ricky Charmichael Bike on Risk Racing RR1 Ride On Motocross Lift
Eastern Dirt Magazine Review of the Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Motocross lift  
Every once in a while something comes along that makes you ask the question "how could I have ever lived without one of these?" Generally something like the automobile or air conditioner comes to mind. We found a new one to add to the list, Risk Racing's RR1 Lift Stand...MORE...
Dirt Rider Magazine review of the Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Motocross Lift  
  “When I pull off the track with my tounge in the spokes, I like how easy it is to raise the bike onto the stand...”
Pit Pass Radio review of the Risk Racing RR1 Ride On Motocross Lift    
“The RR1 is the product of the year!”
  Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Lift Sequence  
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No more lifting and grunting, or trying to kick a motorcycle lift under your bike. Simply push or ride the
Risk Racing RR1 Motocross Lift

bike onto the lowered lift. As the front tire touches the front plate, the lift goes into action rising to the bottom of the motorcycle frame. Step on the foot pedal and your bike will rise effortlessly into a secure position. Getting your bike down is just as effortless and simple. Just kick the release with the heal of your boot and roll the bike off the lift. Weighing only 23lbs, the RR1 Motocross Lift is lightweight, portable and stable in the pits. Each lift comes with a locking pin and is lockable in the up and down position for ease of transport and safety. The RR1 lifts both tires off the ground. Front and rear tires, and suspension can be serviced while on the lift. The framework is made of high-strength, powder-coated steel and is virtually bombproof.

The RR1 Ride-On Lift works with Motocross specific bikes 85cc up to 450cc.
*For smaller bikes please see the RR1 MINI Ride-On Lift

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Risk Racing Motocross Demo Videos
  Risk Racing RR1 Ride On Motocross Lift / Stand   Risk Racing RR1 Ride On Motocross Lift Stand with Team Yamaha Nehterlands  
Risk Racing Motocross Demo Videos
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