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Filling an empty container seems like a simple task, but it often turns into a monumental chore comprised of wrestling a heavy utility jug, guessing when the container is full, dealing with “Old Faithful” style overflows. Even the task of getting the utility jug spout in and out of the container you are filling without spilling can be an experiment in speed and aim. Luckily, the designers at Risk Racing have identified the problem and created an innovative and useful solution. It is called the Flow Control.

The Flow Control is a dual-feature, universal utility jug spout. It is designed to prevent the dreaded overflow, as well as aid the user in making entry and exit from your filling container easy and free of spills. The Flow Control achieves these two tasks in two very creative ways.

The overflow protection is accomplished by the use of a patent pending “float valve” that automatically closes and seals the utility jug when the liquid level in your fill container is full. It takes all the guesswork out of filling any container and delivers a perfectly topped level every time.

The Flow Control also has a secondary “spout bending” feature designed to make getting the utility jug spout in and out of your fill container easy and spill free. This is accomplished with a unique cap and lanyard system that is designed to protect your float valve during storage, and then bend your spout to the perfect pour angle during use. The pour angle is the key to easy fill container insertion with no spills, as well as a simple and clean exit when the container is full.

Finally, the Flow Control accomplishes these tasks with little to no restriction in liquid pour speed. Your fill container will be topped off with efficiency.

The Risk Racing Flow Control comes fully assembled and easily attaches to most utility jugs with a ¾” hose or threaded hose adapter.

Risk Racing Demo Video

* NOT recommended for small containers. The flow rate is too fast and the fill holes are often too small. It is likely to overfill on these types of small fill containers.

* NOT recommended for fill containers that have obstacles near the fill hole. The float needs room to dip inside the fill container. See image above for fill container size restrictions.

* NOT recommended for fill containers that have a fill hole that is NOT horizontal. The float will not work if it is not perfectly vertical.

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